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To have an effective online business, every website should have the following elements:


1. Blogging Platform:

If you are new to the online industry, one can start creating a website or blog through Blogger or WordPress. The challenge is that it may take a longer time to learn as it may require a little bit of technical know-how.

One recommended platform is our very own (Pinoy-owned) blogging platform: Impact Instrument. It has a step-by-step guide to help you build a beautiful website without much technical know-how.


Impact Instrument

2. Domain Name:

Another important thing we need to consider when creating a blog or website is the domain name. The domain name is like the address of your physical store in a traditional business

This is the address that people will type in their internet browser to search for your website. For FREE blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress, your domain name will look like this: or

Thus it is important to have a professional and personalized domain name like Our recommended tool for that is Namecheap. From the name itself, it is very cheap! (~500 per year!)


3. Lead Capture Tool:

It is a must to every online entrepreneur to capture visitor’s details esp. email addresses.

But in order to do that, every effective website should have a lead capture tool where one can provide value (in the form of free gift, ebook or video training) to the visitor in exchange for their email addresses.

Rocket Pages is our recommended tool for that:


Rocket Pages

4. Autoresponder:

You need to have a storage for your emails and these are called email service providers. Not all email service providers (ESP) are created equal. A great ESP should have an autoresponder feature.

An autoresponder is used to automate sending emails to your subscribers. Automation is the key to have a money-making online business.

Thus, Get Response is our recommended email service provider with an autoresponder feature.

Get Response Free Trial


Courses and Training

5. List Surge

Get 1,000 new email subscribers in the next 90 days with strategic list-building methods for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Online Video Course by Melyssa Griffin.

Grow your Email list with List SurgeList Surge

6. Ascending Profit System

A done-for-you automated online system that can help you generate income online.

Get access to the 10-step training online video course in building a profitable online business and 30-TIP (traffic implementation program) to learn how drive traffic and get unlimited prospects for your business.

Ascending Profit System (APS) by Unity Network

Ascending Profit System